Air Stone not working!


The water is just sitting there for a week now and I’m not getting any bubbles working even after cleaning. Can I replace with my own?


Good question! I’d like to know the answer to this as well for the future. Shitty that happened to you though

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I don’t think it would hurt. I found a bigger airstone I like it says for hydroponics.

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I know I got one too but idk if it would fit. And the Grobo airstone seems secured on the bottom idk how I would secure mine. Mines a stubby cylinder shape and a bit bigger than our current one.

What I’d like to know is can we take ours out for a proper cleaning? I’m sure they get clogged over time. The one I have says to clean after every grow, to soak in boiling water and then a light scrub with a soft brush

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@Kenny_planter it sounds like it’s a pump issue and not directly your air stone. @Osage can point you in the right direction for a temporary pump fix, you’ll need that right away if you havent been getting oxygen for a week. Unless you haven’t got a plant in there currently then not as big of a rush


You need to go to a pet store or Walmart/target type of store and grab a cheap air pump and disconnect the tub from the old pump and connect to new pump … this will fix it until they fix your unit


Kenny do this, take your hose off your pump and add your own external pump like this:


Is that at the back of the unit ? Thank you all for the quick answers as well. I really appreciate it


Yes, that little square you can take off with that thumb screw, then just take your hose off the shitty pump and put on your new one


Awesome! I’ll try that ASAP! Thank you


No worries :+1::v:


Any luck @Kenny_planter? :crossed_fingers:


Mine stopped working, so replaced it with a cheap air pump. I had other reasons to be inside my unit and noticed that the internal pump was vibrating so I reconnected it and it has been ok since. Try unplugging the unit then plugging it back in.

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