Air Fans cutting leaves off!


I’m having an issue with my plant growing right into the air fans the leaves get trapped and buzzsawed. Is anyone else having this problem??? My inner MacGyver wants to build something to block the kamikaze leaves. Maybe a plastic cover similar the water sensor cover that can just Snap-on yet still allow airflow. :man_shrugging:t5:Team Grobo give me a discount when this item is added to the store :rofl::dagger::leafy_green:



In stead of slots to let the air through I think just small perforations in the metal sheet would be best. Leaves would not get in that way.


@Stephane I use the magnetic hooks and try to move leaves around best I can do for right now.


I have that issue with my grobo I have a two fan leaves that are so big they probly could take up half the shield but they are sticking into the fan as well … I just try and move them for the air flow but something would be nice to help with that



Blocking the air-flow with a silid=(#NoAirflow)… :rofl:




Just a thought if you use the magnetic dry line you can gold back the branch about 1half a inch from the fan good luck with your grow