Afghan Hash Plant


Iiittttssssss Aaaaalllllliiiiivvvvveeeee!!!


Few hours later!





@stephane Whoohooo!! There it goes!!


That’s the magic I was talking about :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Healthy little seedling.


Day 9 :smiley:


cute little girl!


Update time!!!

She is coming along.


Day 24!






Day 28!

First topping is done. I plan on doing two toppings for this grow.



That is a fat indica. You going to do some training? Hello how are you are you going to do some training I’m doing this by voice command pretty fucking cool Ha I don’t know I can do this wow. Oh my Lord I just found out that I can do all my typing via voice. Ha ha happy face happy face happy face I did this all by voice. Yeah I’m officially old but that’s OK now I know I can do this by voice I will never type again Yeah buddy. Stephane Your plane is looking really good how are you going to training It. Looking good oh I love this voice stuff OK got to go good luck have fun talk to you soon. Emoji :slight_smile: emoji thumbs up emoji peace sign


LMFAO! Amazing!


I smoked what I grew! :joy::eyes::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I love growing


Day 30!

So far I like what I see.


Super symmetrical looks really healthy!


Hey @Stephane,

Looking really nice. How tall is she? You can always extend your veg cycle by emailing and requesting it from @GroboJason. It’s a delicate balance between veg time, transition and stretch. Looks like this one could use an extra week though. Ideally you are just under the 2nd fan when moving into transition. Just my 2 pennies.




I’ll probably send in a ticket. She is healthy but I would agree with you for extending the veg time.

My first grow I didn’t want to play around to much with the length of time in the different stages but now that I have Completed a grow and seen so many others I have a much better understandings.