Aerator not on


I noticed it not on but I’m still in germinating phase, is that normal?


Also looking like the glass is not going clear on my unit. Turns pink but I can’t see through it.


@Tendo_Glass You should be seeing bubbles for sure. If you look under the white lid, does it look like the clear tube is pinched anywhere? Sometimes that can stop the air from getting through.

If not, the next thing to check is that the air pump is on. To do that, you can remove the small access cover on the back of your Grobo (it’s just a thumbscrew). Once that’s done, you can put your finger or a pen inside the hole towards the center of the unit. There is a small black box which is the air pump and you should feel it vibrating.

If it is vibrating, then just double check that the clear hose is still properly attached to the air pump. If it’s running then there is likely just a kink in the line somewhere for us to find.

If you need more help with the air pump, please message with the results from the checks above and they will help you with next steps. They can also check out your fluid glass with you at the same time!


@bjorn is the fluid glass supposed to go clear or have the red hue fuzzy hue ? Is there a video that shows exactly how the grobo is supposed to work I think a lot of are confused to exactly how the fluid is supposed to work among other parts … my fluid glass doesn’t really allow you to see in especially when you hit the button on the app just turns the lights red but can’t see in… or is that what it’s supposed to do?

I too have air pump issues but my air pump is not vibrating…


Thanks and will do!


my air pump is also not working, what was the turn around time for a replacement? I don’t want my seed to die :frowning:


Well unfortunately its still a open ticket for me. Haven’t heard back since last week but I installed a fish aerator Untill they find a solution.


@snicker322 throw in a ticket to and in the meantime, you can try putting your unit into drain mode and put the hose so it trickles back into the tank. So it’s a continuous loop and as the water drops back in it creates oxygen in the tank.
Yours may not be a hardware issue, but rather a software issue. I had this happen with my unit and they were able to fix it.

I think it’s a bug in the coding that they are investigating across the board.

@Tendo_Glass when all hands are back on deck tmrw I hope you hear from them!


I think mine may be software as well Because I’m on day 11 and my fan isnt on and they both work if i reboot.


@Tendo_Glass I would say absolutely. Should be fixable for sure. :+1:t4:


Hey @snicker322

If you haven’t already be sure to send a support ticket in. Posts can be missed on the forums.


I sent in a ticket and Robyn has been very responsive. I’m hoping the issue can be resolved without replacement! I am anxious to keep growing!


Great news @snicker322

Im sure they will be all hands on deck since there’s a few units with this issue. The temporary fix they give you will be fine until a permanent fix is in place.


No doubt! Robyn has been helping me as well and has been a great help.


Just got an email saying that they will be pushing out a firmware update today!!! Hopefully everyone’s issues get resolved!


@snicker322 did they say what time ?


They tested on my unit this morning, worked like a charm!


@chris_barfield They didn’t say a time, but i am anxious to get home to see if it is working!!!


If it helps, they tested at 11am PST. Pretty sure it was getting pushed shortly after that.


@rainstorm3 do we have to shutdown our unit and reboot to get the update? 11am pst would be about 2pm my way I hope it does fix my air pump. I believe in an email they told there was a fluid glass glitch that would be accompanying the air pump fix… that would be clutch