Acidic bottle is low


Hi guys,

Just wanted to send a quick picture of my plant. It’s not looking to healthy. I’ve also noticed he acidic bottle is the one that is the closest to being empty. Could there be a sensor issue?




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Hey @Nick_Philavong I’d throw in a support ticket for that. and attach this pic. That definitely is not looking healthy.
How long has it looked like that and how far into grow are you?


Hey @nick_philavong
Definitely not healthy
Likely the PH is too high and with your over use of chem being dispensed likely the reason. If you opened a ticket they’ll get to you.

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Others have chimed in on the health of your plant. Looking at your bottles, the 2nd one is the lowest, not sure how much of that bottle should be used.

Next observation that your plant has started to flower. Bottle #3 I thought was the nutrient used for vegatative growth and bottle #4 is for flowering. I understand the exact combos are not know to the growers but @Stephen discussed them in a video. Is this plant malnutrioned? Bottle #3 should be more depleted? Could be wrong or 2nd is PH level as others said which bottle 1 & 2 can impact.

Anything this major I would always send a support ticket and then head to the forums. :+1:

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@Nick_Philavong have you checked to see if everything is working as in water pump things like that? Maybe accidentally picked the wrong recipe … I dunno I’m going through some things with my grobo as well …

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@Nick_Philavong as others have mentioned, get us a ticket at and we’ll help you get to the bottom of this problem ASAP (you’ll most likely be talking with @Stephen)




@Stephen quick question I’m on day 7 of the generic hybrid recipe should my acid and basic levels be this low ? I remember reading somewhere on the forum that our nutrients were good for two or three grows so I was just wondering if those levels in day seven are normal??? I just got the external air pump from the support team in today (air pump
wasn’t working in my unit) but before that there was no oxygen being circulated into the tank. Oh and I’m also using distilled water .

Also my tap root was growing upwards and I’ve been checking to see if has started to go down … I can’t really find it anymore but I haven’t seen any roots make it to the bottom of the coco pod… now doing research on the forum you say lift the coco Pod a little so the roots can search for the water as long. As the air pump is working… should I raise my coco pod still or just wait? My seed has germinated and has sprung what I’m assuming is it’s first set of leaves as it has just poked out of the coco pod and shed its seed shell
Thanks for in advance for your feedback.

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Hi nick,

Houston, we have a problem. I’ll check in with the support team to get a look at what’s happening here and touch base with you directly. Something doesn’t seem right here…



Hi Chris,

Please start a support ticket to allow me to access your data and garner a full picture of what is happening with your unit. I’ll respond directly.



@Stephen I just created the support ticket for you.


@Stephen did the support ticket get to you ?


Hi chris,

Yes it has, your EC and pH are not making me happy. I’m interfacing with the engineers to determine the root cause of the sensors being off. We will have some recommendations for you shortly.



@Stephen thanks

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