7 days later


My door isn’t locking at all. Can this be the problem?




It looks alive other than the shell…

With the door, we had this issue ourselves when we got the Grobo@fuz fixed it for us…



Thank you! @SilverGrobo


Mine I really have to push it under the handle and I hear a click. Same for opening I have to push hard under the little handle and it releases.



I think we’ll find that it’s the same for the Grobo1 for everyone here… (Everyone, want to tap-in on this one?)…



My door still won’t lock unfortunately. And I broke my door tab off trying to move it. :confused:

My little Shelley! :grin:




I’m sorry about your broken door tab… :cry:


Hi @Kaneh,

Have you reached out to support@grobo.ca yet? If you have any issues with the unit going forward please reach out to them first especially when it comes to unit modifications

Again, I apologize that responses may be a little bit slower than usual because of the Christmas season, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can




I emailed the team the same day my Grobo arrived.

I tried to bend my tab up and it broke off…


Hi @Kaneh out of curiosity what day did your unit arrive?