3rd Run- Purple Punch Auto & Outdoor grow

I’ve only grown autos in the grobo thus far, and the previous 3 grows took 6 months from germ to harvest. One of the reasons that I initially decided to grow the autos was some of their incredibly fast grow periods. Ive topped my plants always in the past. Im going to just perform low stress training this round, but im not going to top. 1.5oz is the largest yield from grobo I’ve achieved. Id like to see the difference if I just essentially leave it alone. I’m shooting for 3 months, if the yield is a slightly lower but in half the time I’m all for it. Today she said hello. No extra lights, nutes, or manipulation this time. Purple Punch Auto for this run

Decided to run the incredible bulk strain again, I loved it despite not properly curing it at all the first time. I also wanted to try growing the Ayuastuca Purple outdoors vs grobo and see how the yield results. The two plants on the left most row are mystery seeds. One of the tap roots looks like it came more from the side which have typically resulted in male plants for me, ill be moving it separate from the rest. We’ve had a ton of rain the last 2 weeks and not much sun. The suspected male plant looks pissed from too much water. Im just going to let it do its’ thing and see what happens. Today is the first semi sunny day, and they are finally stretching out again.

A little unhappy

I topped this one and I still ended up with 3 main bud sites somehow. I thought that I had cut too much, and I’m not sure if it was my doing.



day 5 let me catch up looks good tho


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Nothing exciting yet happening in the grobo. Day 9 of early veg, things are progressing. For those of you experienced with outdoor grows, do you remove the fan leaves or leave them be and let nature take it’s course? I’ve been wanting to remove some of these but im not sure if the same as indoor grow. Thoughts?


For outdoor I rarely ever trim just in case bugs decide to eat some or nest in an area that would need to be chopped off. Basically leave them as a type of slack to allow for such removal. If the leaves are dying off already and pull off easy I do take those so they don’t pile up beneath the plant.

If you can spread the branches out more that’d give the best output. Tie them apart or to stakes/tomato cage or something. You can lollipop too but I wouldn’t remove too many upper fan leaves until it’s about to flower (personally) and even then that’s only done if there is an excessive amount (to cut down on trimming later).

Looks like you’re on the right track already! :slight_smile:


@vegetato good news, thank you!!!

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Yep I would echo the same things that @vegetato said. If anything just try and “scrog” it without the net lol. That’s what I do with all my outdoor ones. Train instead of defoliation cause she will use all the energy and some :+1:

We have the same type of fabric pots, what I’m going to do is just clip a bunch of safety pins around the edges and then use some soft plant wire to anchor them to. I might be doing it to my clones tmrw so if I do I’ll tag you @Nathan :+1:


So in the grobo stuck with the decision not to top the auto and ive just been removing the large fan leaves. She’s already thickening up and starting to get a little height. Im just going to heavily ensure the bud sites get enough light this time. I also still want to see if the grow time is drastically different without topping. Not thinking that it will make a ton of difference, but who knows.

My outdoor babies are doing well, I’ve only removed some of the leaves that were dying off, but in 2 weeks they have really taken off. Starting to really see a little stretch, and one or two little hairs on the largest one. Ive topped all of these and ended with some crazy splits, I’m just hoping from size alone the yeild is much larger. The incredible bulk Re the two largest, and im hoping the Ayuastuca Purple this time yields me a couple of ounces. I wasted the first batch not curing it at all. Not sure what the mystery seed is. My neighbors haven’t said anything, but the tallest one is all of 3.5’ and climbing. Im excited for this outdoor run, illnadmit though that i think everyone else is better about testing soil levels and such.


Grobo is progressing along. Day 51, the hand remained heavy. I started out just removing a couple of the larger leaves that were blocking, but ended up giving her a hell of a trim. I’m anticipating that I’ve probably added another 2 weeks on the veg but I can deal. I want to see the impact to growth and yield with the autos and heavy trim. I havent tried to grow a photo strain yet, thats up next. Keeping fingers cross I didnt shock her too badly.

![Screenshot_20200707-162400_Samsung Internet|352x500]

Before the Trim



My learning experience so far has been that my aggressive and somewhat constant fan leaf removal seems to have drastically slowed down the vertical growth on the strain. I am pleased with the number of bud sites that I see. This is day 74 of late veg, and I’ll probably keep her there until just before the second fan. Don’t have much say in that though with an auto. But finally went past the first fan, ill probably add a screen. Just going to keep at it and see how it goes.

Outdoor hit flowering and we’re starting to see some results. Ive just been removing fan leaves as they die. Smells awesome at night, I dont really notice then much during the day. Trying to set myself up for a good winter hibernation. Next 30 days should be fun.


So i trimmed the NYC Diesel and left it up for a week. It dried out pretty well and also gave me a nice amber I was looking for. I still hung up to dry for another 3 days afterwards just to be safe. This was an auto that I topped, final yield 308g. Im thinking about the same for the Ayuastuca Purple, and a least double that for incredible bulk. Still have at least a month until they are ready to but cut down though.Nothing exciting happening in grobo yet, just switched to transition.


what was the grobo yield or you have yet to harvest?

@Barby75 still going in the grobo… way slower… flowering still . But this auto sure is full