3 day top up notification and coco pod question


I am on the 3 Day period and haven’t received the notification to top up my grobo.I checked to see where the water line was and it is just below the High fill line so I’m not too worried about topping it , but I did notice that the bottom of the coco pod had expanded quite significantly and looked almost like it’s falling apart cracked and what not in several areas I wasn’t sure if this is okay it’s my first time working with a coco pod. b I know I’m only on day 3 and there’s quite a journey ahead I didn’t know if this was aconcern. My coco pod is quite moist not soaked besides the bottom when I lift it it it had like two drops of water come down from it I wanted to make sure I didn’t have the Pod soaking I’m trying to keep it damp and prevent over watering


Sounds like your alright I got the same jitters my first time too lol… the cocopod is a little weak when it is wet so try not to keep opening the lid as that will constantly move it and possibly rip it… I did that and my grow still progressed… hell my current plant is from soil and a cocopod I cut in half and the plant is now sitting in the water cuz the cocopod ripped apart and if you check my last few pics you can see everything is fine !!

What are you growing ? Can’t wait to see why you have in store


@chris_barfield I am growing gorilla bomb @David_mendez mentioned that he too is growing the same strain and that it hit the lights twice and I need to train my plant was his advice its a sativa dominant hybrid .I’m a little nervous being my first time growing but this forum is an excellent resource with individuals like you and @Azuri and of course let’s not forget @Stephen. I’m sure I will do great I’m definitely going to post pictures obnoxiously at every step of the way to get an idea of what I should do when I should do everybody is so helpful so I know it will be great!


I think the notification pops up day 5 doesn’t it? I wouldn’t worry too much about it if shes still in the pod


I think so @ToddYYC, the very end of day 5.


Hey @puchy, this thread may not pertain to your unique situation, but its’ got some useful info about the coco pod. Hope this helps! Coco Pod-


Thanks @Dew


Our Notification came on Day 4…



@SilverGrobo the notification came up right as day 5 was starting for me the particular strain I have gorilla bomb has a longer grow cycle than other recipes maybe that why it pops up on a different day not sure🤷🏽‍♂️ but it’s all good


Morning @puchy,

It looks like it was sent Nov. 30th at 10 pm. Followed by the ‘Your seed should be popping’ notification Dec. 1st at 10pm.

Did you get those notifications?



Yes I did! @Stephen