3 Creative Ways to Start Growing Weed Indoors Today


The legalization of recreational cannabis is getting closer and closer!

With more and more states legalizing the plant, as well as the Canadian government on track to fully legalize for recreational use, people are getting excited at the possibility of home grown weed.

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So when do you guys go public? I want in on stock options!


Exactly what I asked lol :joy: love stocks. If you want to talk stocks hit me up. Smy second favorite hobby. I got in on amd at a cost basis of $10 per @ 300 ridin the wave. And love me some cannabis stocks.


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I think I’m gonna jump in on AMD, they’re doing fantastic. Wish I jumped in before they blew up! Luckily I snagged some CGC when they were down low.


I’m loading up on aurora every time they have a dip. Also have cgc, and a bunch of other cannabis stocks. Riding msft wave too.


That msft wave is nice. But I threw all my money at aapl.


That was a great move too, going with aapl. It was too expensive for me at the time.


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