1st Grow


Yeah dew I’m in agreement but will decide Monday. I figured it had to get a bit bigger but nada. If anything I feel the stem is more solid but the plant looks droopy to me. But no more pods so I figure I’ll wait to do the widow till my order gets here and I can try a new pod and new seed. Too bad I was looking fwd to a tangerine dream


@ToddYYC feel free to shoot some updated images of the plant and roots over to support@grobo.ca and we can take a look if you would like!


How’s she looking now? Pics?


No more visible roots underneath. Third and fourth leaf ha e popped but this is day 21 or 22. I think just toss right? I’ll wait till my new pods arrive before I try my last bought seed


Yeah Todd, 21 +/- days is too much. Toss her and start germinating a new girl. Sorry that happened to you, but next one will work, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Hey Todd, can’t you all buy seeds pretty easily in Canada? I thought you could go to the pot store and buy em? Maybe not because they want you to buy bud from them rather than growing your own?


The ones I’m using are all from truenorth. I have bagged seeds which I found out on my first grow can be Male.


Yeah, I’ve bought some great genetics :dna: from truenorth and seedsman as well! Check em out!



Your (Tangerine Dream) looks nice and green and healthy, sorry to hear you giving her up… :frowning: