1st Grobo grow and 1st post

cool, didn’t wanna tear up my drain hose by sucking air, I got it in drying mode for 5 days but should be done in 2 days, thanks again !

o well that didn’t work , it keep sucking air out from the drain hose
gonna wait on support email and see what they say, will post what they say to do so will help out next grower, thanks again for help !

Amnesia Haze Auto
last day and 103 overall and last day of flush
it’s Harvest time but Dry Mode not working yet idk what happened LOL but sent in ticket to support
wet weight is 59g it was fun and exciting 1st grow with Grobo



during Drying Mode recipe
support said to stick hand behind back of unit and if you can feel air blowing out then the unit fans are on and drying the bud


Congrats on the harvest! Noted about the drying mode… Hope I make it there! ><

Looks like very beautiful plant you had… not the tallest, but very awesome looking buds and they look really phatttt too :slight_smile: I bet that smelled amazing.


@pyromancy thanks, yea i had to move unit during late vegetation due to WiFi going in and out so i would have doubled my weight but it was fun and great growing with Grobo, happy growing


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well she is all done but curing, looks beautiful but she wasn’t a fat lady like i like, it was very fun 1st Grobo grow and i learned a lot more than i already knew, will update on how she smokes when that time comes, thanks for all the posts that helped me out and Happy Growing !!!


Those buds look really nice though! Dude, 21 grams for a plant that size is actually really good…I’ve seen some take the entire Grobo up and only get an ounce so far.

Fat colas!


thanks @pyromancy !

No prob :slight_smile: They really do look like a “Haze” type of bud structure too! Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: I have some Super Lemon Haze right now and it looks very very very similar to bud structure and leafs etc


yes @pyromancy it looks just like last Amnesia Haze that i had, so looking forward to her taste and how she can make me feel and love the Grobo machine


Amnesia Haze Auto
Day 7 of curing


Amnesia Haze Auto

this was my first grow with Grobo and it went good, learned about the Grobo unit and was a satisfied customer
today is final day of 3 weeks curing and she was a great slow burn, made my mind and body feel right
this will be my lost post about this grow and I thank y’all for all the feedback and looking forward to many more grows, always thank a grower !