100% Organic Balcony Grow (First Time)

Thanks brother! The scent is truly something else :heart_eyes:


Is the GF overall happy or mad about the balcony takeover? Will she allow another?


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:rofl::rofl: I’m LOL’ing.

A lot of comments from me to my amazing girlfriend, “is everything okay my love? Can you smell anything? Look how big this one is!”

Round 2 has been approved for 2021.


:joy::rofl::joy: :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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7 Days inside Grobo at 71F / 50% RH


A - Large
B - Medium
C - Small
D - Larf / difficult to trim (immediately frozen)

D GRADE - Frozen

318g / 11.3oz — Chem Dawg

165g / 5.9oz — White Widow

TOTAL FROZEN BUD WEIGHT: 17.2oz (1.2lbs)
All frozen bud to be processed for Bubble Hash

A,B,C GRADE - 7 Day Hang Dry

103g / 3.6oz — Chem Dawg
111g / 3.96oz — White Widow

TOTAL DRY BUD WEIGHT: 7.75oz (.48lbs)

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome considering the conditions (Poor sunlight, low air movement, powdery mildew). I’ll cure in jars (separated by bud quality and strain) for the next 30 days

Things I will change for next grow:

  • Airpots (Soft pot)
  • Re-designed enclosure for forced darkness
  • Redesigned Scrog (fixed to pot)
  • Second Layer Scrog
  • improved Powdery Mildew Prevention
  • Begin grow from seed
  • Mainline LOW (possible from seed)
  • Limit Pre-Flowering pruning to 3x only (Transition, Day 20, and Day 40)
  • More root stimulation (was disappointed with my roots in a 15G pot)
  • Silica (stems falling over with heavy buds)
  • Boogie Brix Compost Tea
  • Choose generics suited for this climate
  • Go bigger :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


nice grow bro. Really happy to see those results for you.
Damn Ontario heat! If Calgary didn’t get flipping snow every month of the damn year.
Light outside at night time will still be my problem next year. Might just have to see how these two tent grows go now.
Your one jar is kind of full, from what I’ve read you shouldn’t fill more than 75% of the bottle. My fix to that was get a bigger bottle which i’m using now.


Thanks Todd, appreciated all your feedback on this grow.

Good catch on the jar: I am replacing the large jar for 2-3 smaller jars to keep that 75% capacity limit.

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